Have you just moved to a new school, a new state or a new environment? Are you sad because you have left all of your friends behind?

Feeling sad and lonely is normal if you are in a new environment and have left everyone and everything you hold close to your heart. This is the reason why No More Friends is here. We are happy to provide you with support as you establish new roots in your new place and make new friends as well.

No More Friends is a support group for people who are feeling lonely as they have uprooted themselves from their traditional-raised garage door worked on by the trusted www.a1garage.com/milwaukee and moved to a new place. We provide emotional support by holding one-on-one personalized chats, and connecting you with other people in your area. We believe in the saying that “no man (or woman, for that matter), is an island.” With the available technology and the possibility to help you connect to people, we will do our best to help you cope as you adjust to your new surroundings and establish yourself.

For this reason, we offer the following services:

One-on-One Chat Service

We understand that sometimes late at night, when you are alone in your bed, that’s the time you feel the loneliest. This is the reason why we offer our 24/7 one-on-one chat service. You can either talk to us by chat, you can call us or we can exchange emails. We can talk about anything and everything that you like. We also have trained therapists in case you will feel better talking to them instead. We assure you that everything discussed during our one-on-one chats will remain confidential.

Building Connections

One of the strengths of No More Friends is to help you create new ones. In line with this, we connect you online with people in your area and with some of our consultants who can help you acclimate to your new place and create new connections. In other words, we try to pave the way for you for making new friends and creating new roots in your new place.


We understand that sometimes, you need more than an emotional support group. We know that you may require therapy and the assistance of the professionals in order to help you regain your mental health. If this is what you need, you simply have to tell us. We can connect you with mental health professionals in our network who are trained to help you out and are experts in their field.


This website is equipped with all the resources that you need in order to cope with the feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anxiety that you may have as a result of the fact that you have move to a new environment that is away from your friends and loved ones. We hope that you will be able to use all of these resources.