Thank you so much for visiting the No More Friends website. We are pleased that you have found your way here. We hope that you will take advantage of the services that we offer. At the very least, we urge you to explore our website and see for yourself the resources that we have made available.

No More Friends was started by Blair Smith after she graduated from college. Blair grew up as the only daughter of a military dad. Even as a small child, she has been moving from one place to another, never actually setting roots in any place due to her father’s various deployments. As a result, she never actually made any friends and also did not have the luxury of having siblings with whom she could interact with while growing up. She only ever had her mom.

However, Blair started putting down roots when she was in college and made lots of friends. It was then that her eyes were opened to the importance of friendship and how it can actually enhance a person’s life. When she graduated and had to move to another state again, Blair felt a kind of depression leaving her college life and friends behind. This gave her the impetus to start No More Friends, to be able to help herself and people like her make new friends.

A lot of people rallied to Blair’s call for help. Now, 20 years later, No More Friends stand as a testament to Blair and her friends’ drive to help each other and other people as well. We sincerely hope that No More Friends will be able to continue its advocacy for the next twenty more years. We hope to help more people in the future. We look forward to doing this with you.